Kind Words from GroundWork Farms’ Customers

My husband and I agree — consistently the best vegetables, fruit, meat and poultry we’ve ever had — considering the premier quality and variety, it is reasonably priced — and delivered reliably to our home as expected and always on time. We plan on being life-long customers!

–Phyllis Yont

The products I receive from GroundWork Farms are fantastic. The produce is always fresh and clean and the variety is outstanding. With a unique mix of vegetables, I’ve tried things I didn’t know existed (and liked them). Also, the organic dairy products and eggs are second-to-none (I didn’t realize just how good gelatin free & sugar free maple yogurt was).

More importantly though, knowing that I’m helping the local Agricultural community feels good because not only am I getting fresh local products delivered to my door, I’m helping to keep a family farm in my new CSA family.

–Eric Vorwald

Groundworks CSA was on of my best finds last year. I’m continually looking for ways to buy more fresh, local food, and with Groundworks CSA it couldn’t be easier! Not only do I get a big box of delicious fresh veggies, I get them delivered right to me at work (and all for less money than I’d spend in the grocery store produce department). It’s the perfect marriage of convenience and doing something that has a positive impact on me and my community.

–Anya Olsavicky

I have been buying milk and eggs from GroundWork Farms for over six months, and am always pleased with the fresh taste and wholesome appearance of the products. My college age daughters never knew that raw milk tasted so rich and creamy, (since they have only known “ultra-pasteurized” milk growing up) and now they are getting the word out to their college friends. Every time I ride my bike around the Penns Creek Watershed, I smile when I see those happy and contented cows, knowing that they are the source of my dairy products. Thanks again for such wonderful gifts.

–Ron Saluga

I often tell Nell that I’m the CSA’s biggest fan. In addition to helping out local agriculture, I love the convenience and variety of the delivery – and the quality is top-notch. I don’t know how I ever ate “normal” vegetables, eggs, dairy and meats — I am forever spoiled and I’ll never go back! The dairy and eggs in particular are so drastically different than what you’ll find at the supermarket, it’s unbelievable. Everyone needs to know about this.

–Eric Montellese

 I eat more veggies and I enjoy all the variety.- I love that I am helping to support local agriculture.- The freshness and flavor of the veggies is unmatched in any grocery store. Even the veggies in the organic section of the local big box grocery can’t compare to the freshness, color, and taste of what comes to me from just down the road in Penns Valley.- The variety of vegetables inspires me to get out the cookbook and experiment with new dishes. White radishes and celery with a little anchovy aioli–delicious!!- The delivery service makes participating so easy. And everyone in the office loves to see what’s new each week. We spend our shared lunch hours comparing recipes we’ve made with the vegetables we got that week.

–DJ Liggett

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