Introducing GroundWork Farms’ Farmers!


–Shady Locust Produce–
Benuel and Sarah Lapp of Rebersburg are long-time produce growers who also manage a certified organic dairy farm. Their vegetables are raised without the use of any chemicals and are marketed primarily through GroundWork’s CSA.

–Halflinger Farm–
Rufus and Elizabeth Byler raise a variety of vegetables on their farm outside of Aaronsburg. They have sold produce direct from their farm for a number of years, and have been growing for GroundWork’s since 2005. With the help of their team of halflinger horses, the Bylers raise a large field of vegetables using all organic methods.

–Crystal Hollow Farm–
Menno Stoltzfus and family moved to Woodward several years ago, giving up their certified organic dairy herd and plunging into the produce business. The Stoltzfuses are committed to using organic methods, and focus on providing nutrient balance in their soil. They enjoy growing open-pollinated and heirloom varieties of produce, and provide some of GroundWork’s winter share boxes as well as summer shares.


–Spring Bank Acres–
Raymond and Mary Fisher are innovative farmers who live along route 445 North of Millheim. Their flock of laying hens are raised on pasture and are free to roam about and eat whatever grasses, broadleaves, or insects catch their fancy. These eggs are incomparable in color (bright orange yolks!), flavor, and sponginess (should you bake with them) because of the variety present in the chickens’ diet. And as with all pastured animal products, those beneficial omega-3 fatty acids and cancer-fighting conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) are surely high in these delicious eggs.


–Spring Bank Acres–
Mary Fisher started supplying GroundWork’s herb shares in 2010 and greatly enjoyed the experience of cutting and bunching fresh herbs each week. Herb share customers will receive a variety of fresh herbs delivered to a convenient location each week from June to October. Gallon bags full of bunches of fresh herbs will at times be augmented by a bulb of garlic, hot peppers, or edible flowers. In the fall, herb share customers may receive jars of dried herbs or home made pesto for the freezer. If you’ve never cooked with fresh herbs, you’ll never go back after sampling the basil, cilantro, thyme, rosemary, dill, parsley, and other flavorful herbs grown using organic methods at Spring Bank Acres!

*Dairy Products*

–Spring Bank Acres–
In addition to producing egg and herb shares, Raymond and Mary Fisher are also dairy farmers. Their mission is to produce quality dairy products in harmony with nature for their community. Spring Bank’s farm and herd of approximately 32  Jersey-cross cows are:

~ Grass-fed        ~ Grain-free

~ Chemical-free        ~ Antibiotic-free

~ GMO-free        ~ Not treated with rBST

The Fishers offer a number of raw milk products, including bottled raw milk, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, butter, and sour cream. Their dairy CSA is unique in that each week you can put in an order for which specific products you’d like to receive. Visit our dairy page for details and a product list. The benefits provided by raw milk dairy products are too numerous to list here, but suffice it to say that the pasteurization process destroys innumerable beneficial enzymes, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and bacteria. A strict system of sanitation combined with stainless steel containers and holding tanks make pasteurization an unnecessary and even detrimental process. Here in PA we are lucky to have licensing for raw milk dairy farms where rigorous inspections ensure that quality and safety remain high. For more information about the benefits of raw milk, check out


bread closeup

–EcoVents & Bremen Town Ballroom–
Josh McCracken, co-owner of EcoVents and the Bremen Town Ballroom in Millheim, provides GroundWork’s bread shares.   Josh bakes bread and rolls for his and his wife Erin’s catering and event business, and joined GroundWork’s in 2015.   His delicious vegan breads use the highest quality natural ingredients.   Varieties include Country White, Sourdough Wheat, and Honey Whole Wheat, and Seedy Multi-grain.

Josh and Erin will also be providing some ready-to-eat meals as part of our winter options.  Winter share customers can sign up for a Soup or Fresh-Made Meal share–contact us for details.


*Meats, Fruits, Berries and More!*

pigIn addition to weekly CSA share deliveries, GroundWork’s CSA members will have the opportunity to order other products from local farmers, including strawberries, blueberries, apples, pastured chickens, beef, pork, and lamb, canned goods, baked goods, flour, mushrooms, home-made soaps and more! We keep our ear to the ground for new items and are pleased to deliver them with your share boxes or sometimes on other days of the week. CSA members can find out about these extra products in our biweekly newsletter and through email announcements.

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