We still have farm shares available for the 2014 season!


January, 2014

Welcome to GroundWork Farms’ 2014 CSA Season!

Ten years ago, GroundWork Farms came together at kitchen tables in various farmhouses throughout Penns Valley. The Amish Family Farmers who agreed to provide the vegetables, herbs, eggs, meats and dairy products for GroundWork Farms’ CSA shares are all still with us today, with several additions as we grew and expanded our options. And now, as we enter year 10 of working together, the farmers and I remain excited at the prospect of bringing local, sustainably raised foods to Centre County, Union County and beyond! If it can be grown locally, chances are you can find it here! We offer a variety of CSA shares, including produce, dairy, egg, bread, and herb shares. We are also always on the lookout for other healthy local products, including pasture-raised meats, whole wheat, rye, and spelt flour, mushrooms, fruits, berries, and more! And we deliver—right to your home or office! Contact us to reserve your shares for 2014 and to get on our mailing list.

Though we’re busiest in the summer, GroundWorks makes deliveries during the winter months, too. From February through the end of May, you can sign up for weekly shares of dairy products, eggs, sprouted whole grain breads, and hearty winter soups, and we’ll also be offering opportunities to order a few hardy winter crops and cold-season greens (lettuce, kale, chard, arugula and more) as soon as they become available. Contact me for details about our winter options, as I don’t list all of them on the website.

We’ll also be coordinating at least one “extra products” order this winter. If you are on our mailing list, you’ll receive an opportunity to order locally raised meats, canned goods, and perhaps a few other items. Stay tuned!

Ready to sign up for a 2014 summer share? Interested in receiving in-season products during the winter months? Like to get on our mailing list? Contact me at: nell@groundworkfarms.com.

**Sign up early and receive $25 off your summer produce share price.  Our Early Bird Discount deadline is March 15th.

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